Swedish-America Linien's Emigrant Journey - Kingdom of Glass

Swedish-America Line's Emigrant Journey – A dramatized historical walk in Ljuder
Discover the Swedish emigrant history guided by the flagship captain himself, John Nordlander, in person. Hear the captain tell about the emigrants' experiences, from the home village until they reach the port of the New Land in the west. Hear about Karl-Oskar and Kristina from Vilhelm Moberg's novel series The Emigrants. Hear about the farmers' lives in the rocky Småland forests, and about their decision to leave. The journey takes place in Ljuder, the place that became Karl-Oskar and Kristina's home in Moberg's emigrant epic. Learn about 19th and 20th century emigrants in Ljuder parish and in Sweden as well as about the history of Ljuder's homeland. A dramatized journey through the great emigration to America!

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Ljuder's church village (the hike starts at the emigrant monument/wooden statues in Ljuder's church village)
Tickets are purchased at www.storytellinginternational.com or by phone 073-905 63 01.

Dates for open public hikes in 2024:

May 1 at 17.00

4 June 6.30 p.m

4 July 6.30 p.m

1 August 6.30 p.m

September 5, 5.30 p.m