Emptying place - Glasriket

It should be easy to do the right thing, so in Glasriket we have emptying sites where motorhome travelers can empty gray water and latrine. Fill up with new fresh water and sort and throw away their rubbish. These Emptying Sites are available at established campsites as well as full-service campsites that you can visit for this service, even if you are not staying overnight at the site.

Nature in the Kingdom of Glass

We are very proud, almost a little proud, of our beautiful nature here in the Kingdom of Glass. All deep forests, sparkling lakes, rushing streams. And all the winding roads that lead through all of this to our various destinations. We want to protect this.

We want it to also be easy for you who visit us with your mobile home to find places where you can empty your waste. And fill up with fresh water. So a warm welcome to one of our emptying locations.

Our emptying sites