Welcome to Glasrikedagen - Glasriket

Welcome to the Glasrikedag

Theme Destinations, place and rural development


Olle Fack, Destinations, place and village developer holds today's glass rod.
He has spent the last 15 years working with development in Järvsö. He started as a shareholder in the newly started company Destination Järvsö AB.
Olle talks about how the journey to success has been for Järvsö. As well as giving us advice and tools for our joint development journey.

Today's is mixed with lecture and practical work on how we develop the Glasriket place together.

Järvsö, so we did
  • Järvsö's journey over the last 40 years to become Sweden's 9th largest alpine area in visitors and, together with Åre, the country's leading Bike Park and Cycling destination.
    The work and purpose of becoming Sweden's first sustainability certified destination according to GSTC UN's Agenda 2030.
    Consequences of an increased tourism industry for the local population and how to deal with accompanying challenges.
    Solutions and advice on the trip incl. target group and goal setting strategies.
  • In progress - Destination Glasriket informs

Day: Thursday, October 5th

Time: 10:00 – 16:00, coffee served from 09:30

Location: Nöjeshuset in Emmaboda


Note name, billing address, email and any food preferences.

Cost 350: – per person. Lunch, lectures and coffee.

Send your registration to info@glasriket.se by September 25 at the latest.

Glasriketdagen is a day with a focus on tourism and the development of the place.
A meeting place for industry, the public sector and civil society. In the Kingdom of Glass.