Update of signs at pitches and campsites - Glasriket

Update of signs at pitches and campsites

Sums up two lovely and rewarding days out at many of Glasriket's campsites and campsites. The purpose was to replace the signs that make it easier for motorhome tourists in the Glass Kingdom to find the places where you can empty the slush water and latrine. Have a few left to visit until the week after Midsummer. Many good conversations and fun to see and experience what is happening outside with our entrepreneurs.

Did you know

that we have another contractor who has become a dumping ground. At Gökaskratts Camping, you can now empty your gray water, black water and also fill up with new water. Gökaskratts Camping is together with Emmaboda Camping, Kosta Bad & Camping, Alsterbro Camping and Uvaparken in Fröseke places in the Glass Kingdom where it is possible to empty. At other pitches and campsites there are signs with reference to these places. The investment to empty this in the right place and benefit our environment is only SEK 70.

During the first day

I mostly drove around Uppvidinge municipality. Here I visited Uvaparken, Vidinge Gård, Alstervik, and Persson & Persson. I also stayed in Åseda at the fantastic "Lina's Butik & Café." Can really recommend this cafe if you are passing by Åseda or just want to eat well or have a coffee. Yum. Ended the day at Målerås Glasbruk on the way to Nybro.

Day two

I visited Kosta Bad & Camping, which has changed tenants and now runs under Kosta Lodge. It will be exciting to follow this development. Was on occasion as well and visited Kosta Lodge to drop off new signs. Then come to Gökaskratts Camping, which is a fantastic idyll outside Hovmantorp. Here I spoke to Micke who proudly turned up the sign about "empty site". There was an ice cream stop here, on the way I also stopped at Hovet's patisserie in Hovmantorp and bought myself a lunch - it was a prawn baguette. A cozy place with staff who had a smile on their faces.

Amazing Moshults was the next stop. What a cozy lovely rural setting. These small roads with fantastic nature. Emmaboda Camping was the next stop. Talked to the nice staff in the swimming pool and walked around looking at the campsite. Now the time began to approach the end of the day and I stayed as the last stop for the day with Magnus and Malin at Ödevata. This was a short but pleasant meeting as they sat and worked on various development issues.

Now completely finished after two intense and fun days. Thanks to all the wonderful entrepreneurs!