TOGETHER on TOUR through the Kingdom of Glass - Kingdom of Glass

TOGETHER on a TOUR through the Kingdom of Glass

The purpose of our trip was for the Glasriket's tourist informants to gain a broader knowledge of the Glasriket as a destination. But also to meet all colleagues from Glasriket's Tourist Information and Infpoint.

The first stop was at Tadah coffee roastery in Lenhovda, which is a new InfoPoint. We got to taste their fantastic coffee with fika and learn more about the place.

We went on to Rugstorp farm, one of the gateways to the Kingdom of Glass from Kalmar. Ingeli talked about the business while Örjan prepared a proper Småland delicacy, Raggmunkar with pork.

The next stop was made at Orranäs Glasbruk. We got tips on what you can experience there this summer. One of the gang had to try making a glass ball. A concept that the tourist can do during the summer.

The last stop of the day was Rundqvistagården in Duvemåla, in Vilhelm Moberg's birthplace. We were met by our own Kristina who told us the story of the place and the connection to Moberg.

Between the stops, we told each other about everything else you can do in the Kingdom of Glass, but also about the tools that are good to use to help our guests get the most out of their visit to our Kingdom of Glass.