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The mobile home project has started

At the time of writing, Glasriket's mobile home project has been running for just over a year. A year and five months to be a bit picky 😉 So much I learned and so much fun I had along the way. And it's great fun learning new things, even discovering that my initial assumptions turned out to be wrong. Never would have guessed that so many as every 5th motorhome in Sweden is parked all year round. Guessed at 2-3 percent... But the new knowledge only strengthens the idea that the motorhome tourist and the Kingdom of Glass go well together, because here with us, quite a large part of the tourism industry is open all year round. Then also think of the influencer couple from FREEDOMtravel who drove around with their motorhome in the Kingdom of Glass in the middle of November 2021. They had a busy whole week which they filled with exciting experiences. They left here with a smile on their face and an ambition to come back. They kind of didn't manage to do everything and then they were here for a whole November. That says something about the potential we have here in the Kingdom of Glass 😀

If you want to read their 25 tips from their time in the Kingdom of Glass, click on the link below.

Yes, take me to the tips!

Our emptying sites

Spring 2022 is lurking around the corner and we will continue the project's collaboration with existing campsites (+ a pitch with full service) in terms of emptying sites for mobile homes. The number of mobile homes has increased over a long time in Sweden and the infrastructure around emptying gray water has not really kept up, and then I think of a national perspective. But here in the Kingdom of Glass, we have solved it by opening up a bunch of campsites and a pitch for motorhome travelers to "do their needs" even if they don't spend the night at the site. Am both proud and very grateful for this collaboration as we thereby make it easier to do the right thing for the motorhome travelers who come to the Kingdom of Glass.

Glasriket Travel Planner

Geez, what a job we gave ourselves, and the supplier, when we developed a completely unique tool within the RV project that will attract the user to visit more destinations in the Kingdom of Glass. No one has dared to calculate how many hours in total are behind...

With bated breath, we launched the Travel Planner ahead of the high summer of 2021. The autumn was then devoted to a bunch of childhood illnesses, but despite that, the tools generated a whopping 4,500 unique trip suggestions for users. Maybe not quite accurate because I'm guessing that 200 of them are my and my colleague's massive testing, but a very good number nonetheless.

We have also discovered that this tool can be used in two different ways. The purpose of this is to generate individually tailored tour suggestions based on area of interest, but it is also possible to manually create a tour that is geographically linked with, for example, a specific accommodation facility. Which can be posted on any website as tips for their own visitors. The visitor takes two clicks and suddenly the whole trip is complete and ready, in the person's Google Maps. A really good thing that kind of just came along "in the bargain" without us first knowing about it. Correctly tagged to disseminate this information to players in the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Glass. Because I think that many entrepreneurs can take pleasure in advising their visitors to discover the local area. Everything to make the visitor stay a little longer in the Kingdom of Glass.

More to come…

In mid-March, the RV project goes to the RV fair in Kista. The aforementioned FREEDOMtravel will hold a lecture on Saturday 19th March about their experiences from their journey in the Kingdom of Glass. Of course, we have to be there and with Glasriket's magazine at its best to extend a warm welcome to as many people as possible to Glasriket.

The mobile home project will hold a slightly larger information meeting on March 31. Among other things, we will tell you about the bonus function in Glasriket's Travel Planner.

We are fully planning for the upcoming marketing, with the ambition that more and more motorhome travelers will head to the Kingdom of Glass. And stay several days. We have increased our clarity about where there are pitches and urged those who operate pitches and campsites to make their location visible on the platforms that both Swedish and foreign motorhome owners are looking for a place to stay overnight. Fully figuring out how we should act to attract German motorhome owners to the Kingdom of Glass. During the course of the project, we have learned that the entire 28% of Europe's motorhomes are located in Germany. There are quite a few there…

Before the 2021 season, it opened up six new pitches in the Glasriket. Maybe there will be one more before 2022. When we look in those apps that the camper traveler searches for a place to stay overnight, there are many nice reviews. Today, we have a good range of pitches, small, large and in between. No one is the same and that is exactly what is appreciated by the motorhome tourist.

Over and out for now…

I could write about the RV project until I freeze, but in order not to have too much text, I'll leave it for now. Don't forget that you are always free to contact me if you have any small thoughts, ideas, questions or anything else. And in the meantime, I'm looking forward to continuing to be project manager for the rolling RV project 😀

At the keyboard 24th February 2022

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