The hot craft - Glasriket Glöder 2023 - Glasriket

The hot craft – Glasriket Glöder 2023

The hot craft, the glow and the show…

The work for autumn 2023 is ongoing with the motto "Before the fall event within Glasriket Glöder, we want to strengthen the existing event with unique experiences against existing and new visitor flows. We want to develop meeting places that today already have great importance for the hospitality industry towards a new and larger costume.” Destination Glasriket is the catalyst in this work. The work is the first of several steps to develop the event.


The following is now nailed down:

There are 8 Hubs that have joined the 2023 event.

Together with these hubs, we want to stimulate that each hub collaborates with a number of different entrepreneurs so that the place itself can offer the visitor different unique experiences.

The locations that will act as hubs:

Målerås Glasbruk, Little Rock Lake, Destination Kosta, Persson & Persson and Glass Factory.

Stimulating and creative work is now underway. The hubs are working to create a unique program with food & drink content, unique experiences and of course a common thread with the GLOW in focus. Quality is a key word. Exciting as hell! At the beginning of August, we will start getting access to the content. More information will follow.

Hubbarna is looking for entrepreneurs who want to be collaborative partners in:

-Suppliers in cooking, both indoors and outdoors. Preferably handling the entire concept of food and beverage.

-Company in design - with one leg in design and one leg in craftsmanship.