Glasriket's tourist hosts on a journey in the Glasriket - Glasriket

Glasriket's tourist hosts on a journey in the Glasriket

Today we have made a round trip together with our tourist hosts in the Kingdom of Glass. It feels like a good way to learn more about the Kingdom of Glass while networking with each other.

We started the day at Kosta Boda Art Hotell where Emil Jansson told us about what there is to experience. Since 1742, glass has been manufactured in Kosta. Here you can see the glass take shape up close in the cabin and try glass blowing. Here you can see world-class art glass, at the Kosta Boda Art Gallery. Take the opportunity to stay at the world-unique glass hotel Kosta Boda Art Hotel for at least one night when you are in the Kingdom of Glass. Do you love ice cream? Here you can buy Sweden's biggest ice creams!

We continued the journey to The Glass Factory where Maja received us and told us about this fantastic knowledge center where the historical gives way to the contemporary. The Glass Factory has Sweden's most extensive art glass collection, which consists of approximately 50,000 objects from various glassworks by around 50 artists who have worked in the material glass, from the 18th century until today. Thus, The Glass Factory is Sweden's only purely cultivated glass museum.

Furthermore, we went to Peter and the Zipline in Klavreström, Europe's longest Zipline course, a nature experience above the treetops with a spectacular view. Here there is much else to do with the theme of nature in connection with the visit.

We ended the day at Mats Jonasson's at Målerås Glasbruk. Jeanette and Mats received us and told us about what is happening in Målerås, from glassblowing, the craft stall, hiking and cycling trails, etc. On Saturday, they start cabin evenings again.

In addition to today's destination, we shared everything else that can be experienced in the Kingdom of Glass, and there is a lot of it. A destination that has so many experiences to offer that you can stay here for days without getting tired.

What a fantastic workplace we have.
Now we are ready to receive all visitors for the season. We look forward to that.