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Glasriket visits two fairs

It is now clear that Glasriket will visit two fairs in 2023. The first is the senior fair in Malmö on April 25-27. The senior fair profiles itself as the fair for active seniors. This is a target group that we believe fits Glasriket very well as we have many experiences to offer. Another hope is also to make new acquaintances and new collaborations with other exhibitors. The exhibition space will be shared together with Destination Kosta and Målerå's glass factory.

Then it takes until September (6-10) when we aim at the motorhome fair at Elmia. A novelty at Elmiamässan is the launch of a Destination Square. The destination square focuses on travel destinations and experiences, such as destinations, campsites, shipping companies, sights and various excursion destinations. As the Glasriket has had a project in recent years to develop ourselves within the concept of motorhome tourism, we obviously do not want to let go of this, but will continue to work so that more motorhome travelers will find the Glasriket. The booth space will be shared together with Destination Kosta.