Summer greetings - Glasriket

Summer greetings

Now we enter the 2024 holiday season, which we hope will be fantastic.
Our fantastic businesses and destinations are ready to welcome our guests. Lots of activities take place around our Kingdom of Glass with everything from glass experiences, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, food and drink, flea markets, nature experiences, unique accommodation, museums, fishing, swimming, hikes, high-altitude courses, motorcycle meets, training camps, guided tours, visa evenings, shopping and much more. Try some of our tour suggestions or plan your experience with our help travel planner. Take the trip yourself, with family and friends or tip a guest you meet.

We at the company are winding down for a few weeks and recharging for an exciting autumn.
You can always reach us by phone. 0481- 452 15 or by e-mail

Warm greetings
The gang at Destination Glasiket AB