Hosting and Storytelling on Glasriketdagen - Glasriket

Hosting and Storytelling on the Glass Kingdom Day

On October 6, around 40 representatives from companies, municipalities and associations active in the Kingdom of Glass gathered to talk Kingdom of Glass. Our colleagues from Destination Småland were also present.

Today's theme was the good hospitality and the Glasriket brand.

A selection from the day:

We received tips and input from Anna Åxam who talked about hosting with a little extra focus on the digital under the heading, "Hosting makes the difference!"

Our identity is with us who live, work and live in the Kingdom of Glass. How do we create the feeling and how do we communicate that feeling to our target groups? We believe that, among other things, it can happen through Storytelling.

Madeleine Petersson told us about how to proceed under the heading, Storytelling - That's how it works! Stories are a fantastic way to use to convey a message in words and images. A way to inspire our guests through personal stories.

We ended the day with a real Glass Kingdom ambassador Nils-Erik "Pigge" Gustafsson. With his exuberant enthusiasm and great knowledge, he took us on a journey through the history of the Glass Kingdom. He lifted our strong brands in the heyday of glass production, and the change that took place over time.

How we want the Kingdom of Glass to be experienced in the future can only be created by us who live and work in the Kingdom of Glass. It will be an exciting one!

Glass Kingdom Day - is a day with a focus on the hospitality industry and the development of the place in the Kingdom of Glass. A meeting place for both industry, the public and civil society.