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Småland hjälper dig att synas online

Småland hjälper dig att synas online –  dessutom helt kostnadsfritt! Nu har vi genom Smålandssamarbetet möjlighet att erbjuda dig och ditt företag hjälp att synas mer digitalt, dessutom helt kostnadsfritt! Du får träffa våra digitala coacher, som tillsammans med dig tar fram en plan för just ditt företags utmaningar.

Have you thought about how your visitors find your company? And what is it that makes them book an overnight stay, an experience or a table for tonight's dinner?

Today's visitors look for almost all information digitally. When the potential visitor can see your opening hours and contact details on Google, find your website, be inspired by pictures in social media and read previous visitors' reviews on TripAdvisor, for example, they feel more confident about making a booking. And when Småland's entire range is available online, the visitor can plan both before and during the trip, which together makes us an even more attractive place to visit.

Get help from a digital coach
The project offers your company a total of 6 hours with a coach from MetaGruppen, who are experts in helping companies increase their digital presence. First, the coach makes an analysis of your company's current situation and then produces a proposal for an action plan. In the analysis phase, the coach goes through how the company is seen online with, for example, website, keyword optimization (SEO), social media, advertising, marketing communication, competitors, etc. After that, you book a coaching meeting where you choose whether you want to meet the coach digitally or physically

The coaching conversation is based on the analysis and what goals you have with the company's operations going forward. After that, the coach produces a proposal for an action plan with goals and guidelines. The action plan is followed up and adjusted so that your company is seen digitally in the best possible way.

The project has the opportunity to help around 100 companies that work in the hospitality industry in Småland. It could be, for example, hotels, bed and breakfasts, activity companies, homesteads, farm shops, cafes, museums, etc. Take advantage - register your interest today!

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