Restaurateur wanted - Glasriket

Restaurateurs wanted

Rest area Eriksmåla

A restaurateur is wanted who wants to run one of Glasriket's restaurants, and who at the same time wants to help develop the place into a sustainable resting place, which is widely talked about.

Rastplats Eriksmåla is an important hub for visitors and residents of Emmaboda municipality and the Glasriket. The junction has the most traffic in our area and is a hub for travelers coming from Halmstad/Växjö, Öland/Kalmar, Poland/Karlskrona and Jönköping/Motala/Kosta.

Our vision is that, together with collaboration partners, we will develop the site into a sustainable and quality resting place with good service and a good selection.

Today, one of Glasriket's Infopoints is located in part of the premises. There are public toilets, a playground and a barbecue area with furniture. There are parking spaces for cars, as well as longer vehicles such as buses, trucks and cars with trailers and caravans, as well as charging spaces for electric vehicles.

In the next step, we want to create a staffed Tourist Information Center on the premises, together with the sale of locally produced goods from the Kingdom of Glass and the surrounding area.
It should be possible for the motorhome traveler to empty his gray and black water at the rest area and to make a stop for 24 hours.

In the fall of 2023, additional spaces on the upper floor of the property will be available, which means great opportunities for those who have ideas. It is an area of approx. 400 square meters which currently has a very well-visited flea market.

In the immediate area there is a gas station with a service shop, a glass cabin, a market place and a restaurant to collaborate with.

A short distance away are several well-known tourist destinations such as

– Vilhelm Moberg's Pigeon painting
– The Glass Factory, the Nordics' only glass museum
– Hönsalotta's Tramp Museum
- Emmaboda Central location, eat, live, shop
- The entertainment industry in Emmaboda
- Destination Kosta with Glasbruk, safari park, outlet, accommodation and much more
- Emmaboda Motorbana, which conducts a number of major motoring events during the summer half-year.
– Campsites and bathing areas

If you want to know more, please contact:

Hugo Kjellin, Property manager
Tel. 010-353 11 03

Weronica Stålered, operations manager at Destination Glasriket AB
Phone: 0481-457 36


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