Projects are research, create development! - The Kingdom of Glass

Projects are research, create development!

For two years, the Glas Kingdom participated in the Climate Smart Travel project, under the theme Matchmaking bus travel organizers in the Glas Kingdom. The purpose of the project was that we would together package attractive concepts that attract the bus tour operator and his target groups.
A focus group was created with companies interested in group travel by bus. We dedicated ourselves to:
Competence development in what the bus travel organizers demand
Create a checklist for successful collaboration between destinations and bus tour operators
The group developed joint offers that suit the target group and which resulted in a digital smorgasbord from Glasriket. This in turn resulted in joint marketing material.

Now, two years later, we are taking the next step. We start the week with a kickoff, with old and new participants. We turned around and take a look in the rearview mirror, but above all we look ahead!
We agree that together under the Glasriket flag we will create new offers for groups, package them nicely and together sell them to our target groups.
Wow what a group, this is going to be exciting, thank you for a creative morning, Målerås Glasbruk, Målerås Bistro, The Glass Factory, Destination Kosta, Duvemåla café, Klasatorpet, Hönsalotta's Tramp Museum, Rugstorp's farmhouse, Moshult's hostel and Orranäs Glasbruk.