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Photo "model" for a day!

The charm of working as a business and destination strategist is that you sometimes get to implement slightly different things. To work as model for a day if it benefits the organization I represent, I have no problem with it. When we at Destination Glasriket work with marketing and this is to be communicated, the images included must represent what is to be implemented. In this case, there were different images that would represent "climate-smart travel" and then bicycles are a matter of course. In addition, to be able to carry out this in the nice environment in the countryside outside Skruv and Transjö.

A wonderful nature to photograph and show off  different types of cycling activities. Really had no idea there was such a thing as that Gravel cycling. This type of activity is when cycling on dirt roads. Now my role in the "model country" was to represent the excursion cyclist. One thing is certain - When Carola sang "Caught by a storm wind" and her hair lay so perfectly beautiful in the wind, there was nothing I could identify with. It was windy and my hair was flying in front of my eyes and I was barely breathing down the slopes. Around my neck I had a helmet (a Chief) that I was terrified to take off. No Carol-likeness here either. Being a model is no cakewalk. It is important to do it "right" from the beginning, otherwise it will be cycling over and over again until the photographer is satisfied. You can see photographer Alex in the picture at the top together with me. Surely he looks quite happy? It will be exciting to see the pictures.

Also got to be a model in shopping. It wasn't that difficult as I was craving all the fantastic glass. Would look that dreamy like they do in movies. Just look at the sink and faucet from Transjöhyttan below. How neat is this?

In conclusion – a lovely warm day with loads of nice models and people who did their utmost to make everything run smoothly. Always with a smile on his face. That's how it is to work in the hospitality industry - always good and happy. We also got go fika. / Susanne