Many thanks for 2023! - The Kingdom of Glass

Many thanks for 2023!

We at Destination Glasriket AB thank all colleagues, partners, entrepreneurs and Glasriket friends for a good collaboration.

Together, we have put the Kingdom of Glass on the map. We have created new collaborations and products that we have shown at fairs and that we have talked about at meetings with guests and residents of the glass kingdom. We have participated in local events together with our Glasrike municipalities.

We have aimed towards the future at our Glasrikedagar. We have developed and strengthened our own events, Glaskonst and Glasriket Glöder.

At the end of 2023, there was the Glasriket with companies and places to visit at the Musikhjälpen in Växjö, we collected almost 85,000 kroner for the benefit of the music aid and the theme "No one should have to die of hunger." A big thank you to everyone who made this possible!

It is together that we develop and create an attractive place to visit, live, work and live in, our Kingdom of Glass.
We look forward to 2024 with anticipation!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Weronica, Henrik, Susanne and Mia