Glasriket glows for music help - Glasriket

The kingdom of glass glows for the music help

This year is the first time that the Musikhjälpen event is organized in Småland, Stortorget in Växjö to be exact.
Destination Glasriket has the ambition to arrange glassblowing for two days on the square in connection with Musikhjälpen, and if the weather doesn't mess it up for us, the glassblowing will take place on December 12 & 13. Musikhjälpen runs throughout the week of December 11-17 and they broadcast around the clock from a glass cage that is set up on Stortorget.

But there are also other ways to get involved in Musikhjälpen and that is to contribute in various ways to Radiohjälpen's collection, which takes place through various engagements and pockets within Musikhjälpen. The theme for the year is - No one should have to die of hunger.

We at Destination Glasriket have started a collection bag in the name The Glass Kingdom in Småland where many of our commitments can be gathered under. We have also started an account with the same name on Tradera where we collect the various auctions that players in the Glass Kingdom create. Please take a look at landing page where we collect all commitments. Here we continuously replenish as they are created. We will also continuously inform the organization for Musikhjälpen so that they will become aware of our activities, with the ambition that they will think that some engagements are of such a nature that they can be highlighted in the broadcast.

If we come together under one umbrella, it will have a slightly greater "impact" at the same time that we at Destination Glasriket contribute to the spread and marketing of our common commitment. Of course it would have been fun, and good, and Glasriket's gun became one of the biggest during this year's Musikhjälpen... The bag for the Glasriket in Småland

Different ways to contribute:
- Contribute to people donating money to the collection box Glasriket. Can be done with posters and stickers put up in their business to encourage customers and visitors to contribute.
- Donate part of your sales of a specific product and/or period to the collection, learn more in the attached pdf.
- By yourself or together with other actors, create a product/experience that can be auctioned via Tradera on Glasriket's account, for the benefit of Musikhjälpen's collection.

You are warmly welcome to contact us with questions, concerns or if you have an idea about how you can contribute to the collection. Or maybe bounce some ideas so that together we can come up with a commitment that suits your business.

With an ambition that we in the Kingdom of Glass should together be able to support Glasburen and contribute to Radiohjälpen.