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Strengthened hosting towards international travel route SVIR

Destination Glasriket AB is part of the steering group for the project Strengthened hospitality towards international travel routes (SVIR)
I, Weronica Stålered, represent DGAB in the group, and the first meeting took place on Wednesday, June 15.

By increasing knowledge and understanding of each other (the local hospitality industry and the international travel industry), we want to create the conditions for more successful and effective collaborations.

The target group in the project is the German tour operator sector and the hospitality industry companies in Kronoberg.

Three activities are to be carried out in the project:

  1. A hosting development platform. A digital course aimed at hospitality business who want to learn more about the travel guide and how tour operator work works. Ready winter 2022.
  2. A partner development platform. A digital course offered tour operators who are interested in Kronoberg to increase awareness of the destination. Ready summer 2023.
  3. A destination film for the target group tour operators, as more effective marketing. The destination film will also be used by hospitality companies. Ready winter 2022.

Project owner and leader of the project is Destination Småland. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Kronoberg.

Read more about the project here