Kurbits starts in the Kingdom of Glass - Kingdom of Glass

Kurbits starts in the Glass Kingdom

How exciting that the Kurbits Business Development Process is coming to Glasriket and we at Destination Glasriket want to send a big congratulations to the companies that will participate in the process. Process leader will be Christina Thorstensson from the company Tjugoettkonsulten.

You as an entrepreneur will get to participate in workshops, lectures and coaching and you will get better at what you already know. Of course, you always start from your own business.

You get inspiration and knowledge to develop your business, it's a workshop from the first minute! Not least, participants in Kurbits usually appreciate that their network grows and strengthens

Briefly about Kurbits

  • The process is currently offered free of charge to those of you who are active in the Kingdom of Glass, thanks to funding from Region Kalmar län.
  • The entire content is produced specifically for the companies in the hospitality industry (stay, eat, do)
  • A group of 10 people/companies meets physically.
  • 6 occasions during the spring, starting in February and ending in March/April.
  • The meeting will take place in various places in the Kingdom of Glass and you will be ready before the summer.
  • If you want to read more, you can do so via Kurbits.org