Glasriket is bubbling - Glasriket

The kingdom of glass is bubbling

Now is approaching the time of year when we look out from our hiding places and want to socialize, discover and experience things together with others.
Of course, Glasriket has a lot to offer visitors and Glasriket residents who go on a tour, such as glass, design, nature, culture, motoring, music, outdoor life, and much more.

A small selection comes here:

This week, parts of the gang at Destination Glasriket AB are on site at the Senior Fair in Malmö, together with Målerås and Kosta.

Until next weekend, April 29–30, opens Glass Art 2023 open its gates to all visitors. Our glassworks and cabins present their news, and lots of activities are offered at the various locations. A paradise for those who like glass and design.

Under the Motor theme, a lot of events take place during May:

We have the weekend of 5–6 May Forest & Tractor Fair at Emmaboda airstrip. It is southeast Sweden's largest forest fair. Here we are on site from the company together with Emmaboda municipality. If you're there, come by us at our booth and we'll talk about the Kingdom of Glass.
It's May 13th Car meeting in Kosta. You should go here if you want to see motor vehicles, a wide range of old and new is proudly displayed by its owner.
It is May 20 A day on the strip, on the Emmaboda motorway. You should go here if you like vehicles with a lot of horsepower. Why not try 402 M strip driving.

For those of us who like culture and history!

If you like culture, history and nature, stories about the place and the people who lived here, but also exciting legends, the Nature and Culture Guides organize hikes in various places in the Kingdom of Glass. See our events calendar.

In Ödevata you can experience a different one Valborg with biochar in focus. Ukrainian beetroot soup borscht is served. Did you know that the preparation of the soup is a world cultural heritage according to Unesco. Take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings surrounded by water.
There are more Walpurgis celebrations around the Kingdom of Glass, take a look at our calendar.

If you want to know more about our ancestors' migration to America, you should take the opportunity to attend one of the Sthe Finnish American Line's Emigrant Journey!
Swedish-America Linjen's flagship captain, John Nordlander, presents an acting experience in Ljuder parish! Discover the Swedish immigrant history guided by John Nordlander himself in his own high person. Hear the captain tell about the emigrants' experiences, from the home village until they reach the port of the New Land in the west. The event takes place on a few occasions during the summer semester.

There is much more to experience, take part in it our events calendar.

PS The Glasriket magazine has just arrived at the Glasriket. Get in touch if you want to get a copy or more.

And you who are active in the Kingdom of Glass. Don't forget to add your event to our event calendar.

See you out there!
Warm greetings from us at Destination Glasriket AB.