Zipline - Kingdom of Glass

Europe's longest zipline with 4 km of rope deep in the forest divided into 16 stations consisting of towers, trees, platforms and rock shelves, where you zip through the treetops. You cross gullies and ravines. At its highest, you are 52 meters up in the air and go as fast as 75 km/h. This is an adventure suitable for 5- to 80-year-olds.

The facility offers much more than just the zipline. From the base camp, a number of hiking trails start where you can experience the beautiful nature, join a mining adventure and visit the ghost mine, climb the 17 m high lookout tower or climb the equally high climbing wall, have coffee by the pond, take a dip in the mountain basin , fish, use the outdoor gym, hot tub, sauna or go for a free guided walk. Groups can also book 5 & 8 camps. There are many different barbecue areas to book and use or why not eat at the Fine Forest cafe located at base camp.

Perfect for corporate events, conferences, stag and hen parties! Read more on the website.

For more specific opening times and bookable departures, please see the website.