Pukebergs Glasbruk - Glasriket

Pukeberg is one of Sweden's oldest and most well-preserved glassworks. Since 1871, glass has been manufactured here in various forms, from utility glass, lamp glass and petrol pump glass to beautiful art glass. Here you can experience what a glassworks area looked like at the turn of the century.

Today, several businesses are housed in the buildings, including the current small-scale Pukebergs Glasbruk. Here, Mathias Ripheden and Gunne Brandstedt produce their own collection. Wall to wall with the cabin is the shop.

Pukeberg is known for its cabin herring, where hearty Småland food is served in the glass cabin. Music and glassblowing are served to accompany it.

The premises are also home to the Riksglassskolan, which teaches glass craft and design. Kalmar Läns Hemslöjdsförening and the home craft consultants also have their headquarters here. In addition, several artists have their studios in the area. On the ground floor, there is Café Hos Oss, which serves lunches and coffee.

NOTE: The opening hours stated apply to the second-hand shop.

Welcome to Pukeberg Glasbruk!