Persson & Persson - Glasriket

Glass artist Morgan Persson, together with his wife Elin, runs a cabin at home on the farm in Ösjöbol. On the one hand, recycled glass is made, on the other hand, Morgan creates high-quality art glass. Both can be seen and bought in the shop in the old country store, with a little luck you will also see Morgan at work with the glass.

At Persson & Persson, ordinary empty bottles are transformed into wine and drinking glasses. The clean design language has references to old traditions with a lot of grinding and engraving. Recycled glass uses only a quarter of the energy required for new glass production, environmentally friendly AND luxurious that is.

Morgan's prized art glass is exhibited around Sweden and the world. An advanced craft that results in imaginative pieces.

You can see glassblowing live on weekdays that are open between 12:00 and 15:00