Tour suggestion - The Kingdom of Glass

Flea Market Tours in the Kingdom of Glass

Somewhere there is that unique find waiting for you. Here we have some ready-made tour suggestions for those of you who like flea markets, retro and antiques.

The Glass Kingdom now & then

Tour suggestions that combine visits to glassworks and studio cabins as well as exhibitions and places that tell about the industrial history of the Kingdom of Glass. The history of the area is what underlies the fact that today we have world-class craftsmanship in glass. Each mill and cabin has its own unique artistic expression.

Culture, Nature & Coffee

Here are tour suggestions for those of you who are curious about the culture, nature & history of the Kingdom of Glass. And alternate it with a really good coffee. Learn more about Vilhelm Moberg or immerse yourself in the industrial history that is the basis of today's Kingdom of Glass. Feel the beat of history and the smell of freshly baked goods. Or get acquainted with the king of the forest.