Try glassblowing - Glasriket

In several cabins around the Kingdom of Glass, you are given the opportunity to try glassblowing. It's quite clever and sweaty - but a lot of fun.

Both Målerås Glasbruk and Kosta Glasbruk offer try-on activities all year round where both children and adults can try glassblowing together with a glassblower. In summer, the Bergdala cabin also opens up for Try-on. Here you can try blowing and handling the hot mass, and when your bowl or glass ball has cooled, you can take it home - a fun memory from the Kingdom of Glass.

At The Glass Factory, children's activities are the focus and popular activities are painting or engraving a glass object. You can, of course, take your item home with you afterwards.

The activity is suitable for ages 5 and up. Feel free to talk to the destination about what applies to the place. Prices for the activity vary at the various destinations.