Home-blown and homemade - Glasriket

We ride through the forest. A good while. Then we arrive at Persson and Persson's farm in the small village of Ösjöbol. Here, Morgan together with his wife Elin, the other Persson, runs a cabin with shop and gallery.

- We want those who come here to see that we are not like others. We operate on our premises. It's at home and everything is homemade - both the cinnamon buns and the art glass, says Elin. Reusing and recycling is a thing of the past, but how does recycled glass work in practice?

- We heat up empty bottles and then blow them into vases, drinking glasses and bowls. the energy consumption is only a quarter of that required for new production of glass, says Elin.

Persson & Persson's utility glass gives a light, airy and clear impression. Recently, they received a special mission.

- Customs confiscates around 300,000 liters of alcohol every year. The alcohol turns into biogas and now some of the empty bottles have found their way to Ösjöbol. Customs found us and ordered 300 carafes of recycled smuggled bottles. These decanters are now distributed to EU delegates in connection with Sweden's EU presidency. We call the project "Smuggled Water", a really fun job, says Morgan. Morgan is aware that even art glass may soon be based on recycled glass.

- It is an interesting path and I think we will go in that direction. His expressive objects in grail technique are sought after, not least in the USA.

- I am working on pieces for an exhibition at a gallery in New York now. The Americans like my figurative art, it's not the minimalist that applies there. But at the same time, the gallerist is clear that I must be true to myself. The US is big, succeeding there means you can make a living from your art. Then there is a lot that comes from there in terms of trends and news.

After midsummer, the café and shop at Persson's home are open every day. Monday through Friday, Morgan blows glass in the cabin, where visitors are welcome to come in and follow the work. There will also be various events with food and music. Keep an eye on social media.