Wander in the Kingdom of Glass - Kingdom of Glass

Quick tours

Here we give tips on shorter trails that you can get through on a lunch break. Although they are short, they can present challenges. The common denominator is that they take you through wonderful Småland nature.

About an hour's ride

Don't forget the coffee basket and the water bottle. Here it gets a little more challenging. The following trails take between 1-2 hours to hike.

Full day tours

The tip for those who want to spend between a half and a full day in the great outdoors. Here you get to experience spectacular nature and exciting cultural environments.

More than a day

Here are tips for longer routes. The experienced adventurer can take on the challenge of walking the entire distance in one go. It is of course possible to walk individual stages, which opens up the possibility for anyone to enjoy the trails.

On Tour along Gråstensmon

Karin and Åker give a glimpse of what the Glasriket's hiking trails have to offer.