Glass Art 2024 - Glass Kingdom

Glasriket's glassworks and cabins invite you to this year's Glass Art Weekend on April 29-30. Vernissage weekend Glaskonst is the weekend when the summer's glass exhibitions open in festive forms around the glassworks and cabins.

The basic concept of the glass art weekend is to offer program points at the various glassworks and cabins. The visitor thus has the opportunity to go on a classic glass factory tour to enjoy the glass and the program points on offer.

Read the combined program as a PDF here

Kosta Glasbruk
Kosta opens the summer season with the exhibition, Palace Garden, which builds on last summer's successful jubilee exhibition at Solliden. Åsa Jungnelius, Johan Röing, Ellen Ehk Åkesson, Markus Åkesson and Bertil Vallien participate with their installations from Solliden, supplemented with new works.

Målerås Glasbruk
This year's exhibition The Master's Touch by Mats Jonasson is inaugurated in Målerås. Peter Hermansson is also on hand to show art glass from his new series YOU. Join a guided tour of the mill and see the skilled craftsmanship. At 2 pm there will be a glass show by Peter Hermansson and Björn Friborg.

MickeJohans Art Glass
With us at Mickejohans Konstglas, Micke Johansson will offer three art glass shows where he shows how he makes grail, 3D graariel and double ariel. Before the glass show begins, Iita Villiina Jaakonaho blows her self-designed glass and Svante Dekker shows her new creations.

Opening of this year's exhibition in the gallery "Sparkling Inferno". This year's exhibitors meet here: Roger Johansson, Lennart Nissmark, Alex Rodriguez and Anders Solfors. Saturday also offers three cabin shows.

Orranäs Glasbruk
Come and celebrate the construction. Join us on a guided tour: hear the exciting story about Orrefors and about the new cabin being built. There will be a launch of the product "Fröet". Hammarsmedjan and Orrefors museum are open.

Magma Art Glass
Dan Clausen and Lars Skulberg welcome you to Transjö and the glowing cabin where they demonstrate glassblowing. The cabin is also visited by international glassblowers. In the shop you will find new art glass for the season by Magma Art Glass as well as glass by the greatest masters Sven-Åke Carlsson and Jan-Erik Ritzman.

Pukebergs Glasbruk
Riksglass School's students together with the teachers offer a demonstration in the cabin on Saturday. Bruksshopen is open and offers 20% on the entire range this weekend.

The Glass Factory
Full program at The Glass Factory. No less than three different exhibitions will be inaugurated, there will be glass blowing, presentation and awarding of the Bengt Heintze scholarship, Kids Design Club etc.

Skrufs Glasbruk
In Skruf, the store is open and shows the exhibition "Black" which mixes old and new favorites in the colors black and clear glass. Offer all weekend with 20% on the range in store.

Persson & Persson
The small personal glass cabin in Ösjöbol invites you to the Glass Art Weekend. Here there is activity in the cabin all day and in the shop's cafe you can enjoy home-baked buns and freshly brewed coffee. The gallery shows new art glass by Morgan Persson. On Sunday, there will also be a large glass flea market with ice cream collectors in the village.

Carlos R Pebaqué
Carlos is celebrating 40 years of working in Glasriket and will be on site during the weekend to tell you more about the anniversary. In the gallery there are many exciting news that Carlos tells more about.