About us - Glasriket

About the Kingdom of Glass

Here, to a small area in Kronobergs and Kalmar counties in Småland, i.e. Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge municipalities, many visitors come every year. Many return time and time again. It is easy to understand why. Watching the red-hot glass mass transform into brittle crystal or robust bowls is a spectacle you never tire of. But even outside the warmth of the glass cabins there is much to experience. Here you will find both cultural history, lots of nature experiences as well as a large selection of shopping and other activities. Why not fish in one of the many lakes, ride a dressin bike on one of the old railways or take a course to learn the basics of glassblowing yourself.

About Destination Glasriket AB

Destination Glasriket AB is the Glasriket municipalities' official company for marketing and development issues within the hospitality industry. The company shall market and develop the destination. The company is owned by the four municipalities Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge.

Communication and marketing

The company markets and informs about the visitor destination Glasriket. We are most active in the Swedish market. Together with Region Kalmar Län and Destination Småland in Kronoberg, the company also participates in a joint effort to market us to the international visitor.

An actor for development

The company shall, through various efforts, work to develop the destination.

The company shall work for a collaboration and interaction regarding the region's development together with Region Kalmar County, Destination Småland and other destinations.

The company must work with environmental monitoring and analysis as well as project development.

The company currently runs projects to promote the development of the area's tourism industry. The company also participates in projects initiated by Region Kalmar Län and Destination Småland in Kronoberg.